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How to Write Content for a Business Website

By Brad Lauer / October 28, 2020

Business owners taking their business online or reworking their website must become content creators. Creating content for a website is not easy, let’s start by defining what content is. Content is any piece of media included on a website; that can include photos, images, illustration, video, blog posts, page copy, call-to-action prompts and inventory. Yes, […]

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Why do I Need a Business Website?

By Brad Lauer / October 27, 2020

Everyone has heard it, “You need a website for your business.” Do you, really? A full-blown website is a big project. Believe it or not, there are some businesses out there without internet still let alone a website. Events of 2020 have changed the game, with the general consensus of businesses trying to reduce face-to-face […]

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Business Websites: Common Problems

By Brad Lauer / October 23, 2020

I am not a web developer; I am a designer and content creator. As a creative professional I have created a “tech stack” to help me create platforms and systems which help businesses marketing their products and services more effectively. The tools I use together are a system which I have tested and am confident […]

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How Much Does a Landing Pages Cost?

By Brad Lauer / October 22, 2020

A common question I hear from business owners is: Do I actually need a full-blown website? Some businesses don’t, it depends on the products and services you sell. A landing page will suffice if your menagerie of products is small. A full-blown website is good for explaining different aspects of your business and educating your […]

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