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Beall’s Nursery & Landscaping

This landscaping and garden center located east of Pittsburgh, in Plum is a long-time client of 5611 Studios. For the past 6 years, we have been creating content for their social media. In 2017 we took over their web site converting it to a more efficient platform in 2019. We have managed their social media along the way as well, posting and scheduling events across multiple platforms; garnering thousands of followers and reposts. One post in particular on Pinterest receiving over 16,000 organic impressions monthly; the Pinterest page itself receiving 14,000 monthly viewers.

Their website features functionality for clients to log in and download documents related to their landscaping project. The site is extensive and features pages for all aspects of their business which includes all garden center and bulk supply products, as well as featured landscaping projects and DIY information. Traffic to the website increased year-over-year and has met or exceeded goals set forth in yearly marketing plans.

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