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Energy Savings Now

EnergySavingsNow.us was created for a client who works for an energy deregulation company. The client’s goal is to find home and business owners who wish to save money on their utilities and spread that savings to their friends. The site is designed to capture user information with a call-to-action offer to learn more about the program. The site was designed from marketing material provided by the client. The provided material was reworked and customized for the client.

Since launching the site, the client has had more time to focus on running their business rather than generating new business. Leads are sent automatically to the client via the CRM and sales automation integration. From the back end of the website, information is sent to the clients email list and and automated process takes place over several weeks to qualify the contact and turn them into a lead. Based on activity of the user tracked from the automated emails send, the contact is scored. When the contact reaches a score of twelve, they are added to the client’s sales pipeline for followup.

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