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Landing Page & Funnel Setup

By Brad Lauer / October 21, 2020

Our team will get your landing page working for you quickly. Your site will be connected to social media and CRM automation software as part of your funnel setup. A landing page will not make you rich but it can make your life easier. Imagine getting to the office each morning and checking an inbox […]

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Marketing Funnel Coaching. learn how to build an automated marketing funnel

90-DAY Marketing Transformation

By Brad Lauer / October 12, 2020

This coaching package will take your team on a journey through generating leads automatically with a few simple tools. Your inbox will be full of qualified leads who you know have already shown interest in your products or services. The tools you will work with in this business marketing transformation will be: WordPress, Social Media […]

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Mobile web design by 5611 Marketing Studios

Marketing Funnel Design

By Brad Lauer / October 12, 2020

Already have a well designed website? Great! We can make it work more efficiently for you and give you more data about your audience. We will empower you with a 12 part email marketing campaign which includes 3 separate automation processes to qualify contacts and turn them into leads. These leads will be scored based […]

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Marketing Funnel Design by 5611 Marketing Studios

Marketing Funnel and Website Design

By Brad Lauer / October 12, 2020

This package is all-inclusive to get you started receiving leads from your website. We will either design a website from the ground up or migrate your current site to our content management system. We will then do a round of keyword research to determine a specific niche audience to target and optimize text throughout the […]

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Automate your sales process with an automated marketing funnel with advance CRM software

Automated Email Marketing

By Brad Lauer / October 11, 2020

Our email marketing system with automations makes it easy to stay engaged with your audience. We will create an opt-in system along with an automated email campaign designed to capture additional information and qualify leads. This basic funnel system will help you weed out the clutter and find the leads that matter. Setup takes about […]

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