Automated Email Marketing

Automate your sales process with an automated marketing funnel with advance CRM software

Our email marketing system with automations makes it easy to stay engaged with your audience. We will create an opt-in system along with an automated email campaign designed to capture additional information and qualify leads. This basic funnel system will help you weed out the clutter and find the leads that matter. Setup takes about a month, after which we train you how to use what we have built for you. We will teach you how to manage your lists and campaigns as well as manage employee access and advanced features. Capture the information that is important to you and keep your website users engaged with automated email marketing.

Imagine coming in to work everyday with a new list of qualified leads in your inbox. You know those leads have already shown interest in your products or services. The only think left to do is to close the deal! That’s the reality of an automated marketing funnel. When our job is done, the system will continue to generate new leads from your website traffic and email marketing content. You can even expand upon it with a vast collection of how-to videos available for the software, theres no stopping you!

$499.00+ $49 per Month

What You Get:

  • Email marketing system setup using your domain name for easy access (ie. marketing.yourdomain.com)
    • Up to 1,000 contacts
  • 2 Automations designed and implemented
    • email opt-in from website
    • existing list and manual add automation
  • 5 Email templates designed for products, services and seasonal sales events
  • 2 two-hour training sessions
  • Website integration
  • Massive 3rd party integration options
  • CRM with sales automation system
  • Lead and contact scoring for easy qualifying
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