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This is our core web design package and is all-inclusive for everything a business needs to get online. We will create a custom site with unique content and multi-media. Keyword research and client interviews will help capture the company culture while optimizing content to leverage relevant keywords. Our fast business hosting is included as well as a free domain name, site security and maintenance all for 1 year.

Your new website will have all of the functionality you need to accomplish your goals online. Our team will empower you with the technology and know-how to build your business in a world where face-to-face interaction is not as common. Every business should have a website no matter the market, industry or niche. If nothing else it creates legitimacy and trust to show your potential customers that you care enough to keep them informed.

Build time for website is about 2 months. After the build is complete, we will coach you on how to manage the website. We provide basic maintenance when it comes to backups and updates but creating new blog posts or editing pages will be things you can do yourself. We will give you the knowledge to do those basic tasks with 3 months of support and coaching. Three 2-hour, in-person or via zoom sessions will give you the core understanding of how the site works and how to ensure it will continue working. We understand that most business owners do not have the time manage a site on their own, we can do that for you (see options).


What You Get:

  • We use WordPress for easy management, functionality and SEO benefits
    • Our team will either build a site from the ground up or migrate your site to WordPress
  • Domain name and fast business hosting included for 1 year
  • Keyword research for text optimization throughout site
  • Custom multi-media content, photo, video or podcast format
  • Up to 4 four-hour sessions to capture needed content
  • Text content created from client interview and keyword research
  • 3 months of social media and blog posts scheduled
  • 3 call-to-action funnels throughout website for data capture
  • 1 year website maintenance included
    • Daily backups
    • Weekly updates
    • Automated weekly reports
    • Downtime reporting
    • Ensure compliance with certain search engine requirements and updates (such as GDPR cookie laws)
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