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Our team will get your landing page working for you quickly. Your site will be connected to social media and CRM automation software as part of your funnel setup. A landing page will not make you rich but it can make your life easier. Imagine getting to the office each morning and checking an inbox which is full of lead. But you know that these leads have been vetted and are interested in your products or services. You will not longer be making cold calls, you will be making warm calls. Land more deals and save time qualifying leads with a landing page.

$1,200.00+ $79 per month

What You Get:

  • Custom designed landing page created using WordPress
  • Custom designed 8-part email automation for lead qualifying
  • Landing page and required auxiliary pages designed
  • Stock media included
  • Advanced CRM with marketing automation included (up to 1,000 contacts)
    • up to 2,500 contacts: $149/mo.
    • up to 5,000 contacts: $199/mo.
    • up to 10,000 contacts: $299/mo.
  • Content Delivery Network – for fast asset delivery, increases site speed and SEO ranking
  • Software updates and backups included for first 1 year
  • Automated downtime monitoring & reporting
  • Wordpress training videos & coaching
  • 4 hours of in-person or online (via Zoom) WordPress coaching.
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