Landing Page WordPress Starter

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Our team will get you up and running with a landing page to begin building your funnel and expanding your site. We will give you the tools to get your message out and target your niche. With a one-month build time, your new landing page will use content created via client interview or provided marketing materials to drive traffic. We will leverage keyword research done prior to writing or rewriting any text to help drive organic traffic via search engines. Stock images are included to enhance the visual appeal. Easily add a blog system to drive organic traffic even more.  Your social media platforms will be integrated to leverage traffic from other platforms. When the website is complete, we will train you how to expand upon what we built for you with two 2-hour sessions via zoom or in-person.

$999.00+ costs

What You Get:

  • Custom designed WordPress website
  • Landing page and required auxiliary pages designed
  • 8 stock images
  • Content Delivery Network – for fast asset delivery, increases site speed and SEO ranking
  • Software updates and backups included for first 6 months
  • Automated downtime monitoring & reporting
  • Wordpress training videos & coaching
  • 2 hours of in-person or online (via Zoom) WordPress coaching.
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