Marketing Funnel and Website Design

Marketing Funnel Design by 5611 Marketing Studios

This package is all-inclusive to get you started receiving leads from your website. We will either design a website from the ground up or migrate your current site to our content management system. We will then do a round of keyword research to determine a specific niche audience to target and optimize text throughout the website. Content is included as well. Our team of creative professionals will create media as needed for the site. This includes: on-site photography and video sessions, interview sessions for text, blog writing and graphic design. Web hosting, security and a free domain name is included, we also include maintenance on the site for 1 year ($588 per year after the first year).

Alongside the website design process our marketing team will team will be creating custom email marketing automations. These will integrate seamlessly into the new website for email opt-ins and other data collection. The email automations will send a series of emails to a user, initially thanking them for opting-in, for their purchase or other such triggers. The goal being to keep them engaged and score their activities for future interest or qualification of the lead. Lead scoring will show you how engaged a contact is with the content you send them. When a contact reaches a certain score, they are automatically added to your pipeline and you are notified for follow-up.

But how do we attract the traffic in the first place? The answer: quality content both on social media and internal blog posts. Stop the scroll and capture the data with eye catching media, emotional triggers and enticing offers. When creating content for the website, our creative team will capture additional content for use in social media and blog posts. Our writing team will use client interviews and testimonials to create unique, search engine optimized content. We will schedule posts for 3 months on all utilized platforms.

With a build timeframe of about 2 months, we can have leads qualified and delivered to you automatically from your site. The next task is coaching and training so you as the end user can manage the system, add to it and continue sending out relevant marketing material. We will dedicate 3 months of bi-weekly, 2-hour coaching sessions after the build is complete to help you understand how the system can continue working for you. We will cover all of the following topics in theses sessions: social media and blog content and posting, funnel management, website management, CRM & list management, email templates and automations and SEO.

$7,999.00+ $199 per month

What You Get:

Web Design:
  • convert existing site to Wordpress for easy management and functionality or build a new site from the ground up
  • Domain name and fast business hosting included for 1 year
  • Keyword research for text optimization throughout site
  • Custom multi-media content, photo, video or podcast format
    • Up to 4 four-hour sessions to capture needed content
  • Text content for site with keywords and interview
  • 3 months of social media and blog posts scheduled
  • 3 call-to-action funnels throughout website for data capture
  • 1 year website maintenance
    • Daily backups
    • Weekly updates
    • Automated weekly reports
    • Downtime reporting
    • Ensure compliance with certain search engine requirements and updates (such as GDPR cookie laws)
Funnel Design:
  • Email marketing automation
    • Templates designed for 12 part campaign
    • Dynamic content: content shown will vary based on variables (ie. Zip code, gender, survey responses)
    • Automation implementation
    • Text content for all templates
  • CRM automation
    • Qualify leads and contacts with scoring system. Find the customers more likely to buy based on their behavior on your website and emails you send.
    • Automatically add leads to CRM for followup
    • Client coaching and employee user management
      • Setup admin and employee user accounts
      • Coach client on user account management
  • SMS marketing (text message)
    • Begin collecting consent immediately
    • Email campaign for currently list to gain consent
    • 10,000 sms credits
  • Bi-weekly 2-hour coaching sessions for 3 months after build complete
    • Areas of focus can include the following based on needs:
      • Social media and blog content
      • Funnel management
      • Website management
      • CRM & list management
      • Email templates and automations
      • SEO
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