90-DAY Marketing Transformation

Marketing Funnel Coaching. learn how to build an automated marketing funnel

This coaching package will take your team on a journey through generating leads automatically with a few simple tools. Your inbox will be full of qualified leads who you know have already shown interest in your products or services. The tools you will work with in this business marketing transformation will be: WordPress, Social Media and Advanced CRM with Marketing Automations. These three tools used together can take your business from start-up to market leader when used consistently and effectively.  Our system does just that, we will provide you will planning tool kit to enable your team to consistently create new content which will drive traffic. Content is king in online marketing; good, consistent content makes you website authoritative a attractive to more visitors. Are you ready for a transformation? Contact us today!

$1,499.00+ $79 per month

What You Get:

    • 3 Months of Coaching
      • Unlimited phone support
      • Weekly 2-hour training sessions for you and your team covering the following topics
        • Email template design
        • Text optimization
        • Contact scoring
        • Dynamic content
        • Automation design
        • List management
        • User management
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